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I welcome your comments and hope that as we journey together you will find, as I do, that it's more fun making a journey along with others and with each new work or adventure there is also growth and expansion. Come back again soon.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Beauty of Spring & Return to Painting

The bird shown is a newcomer to our backyard as springtime arrived. I put out our hummingbird feeders the beginning of April and we have already had one early arrival feeding from them.

The last month I had a resurgence of interest in my family genealogy.  I have found over years of being the family genealogist that when the urge to research and update my family history emerges I have to go with it because the intensity it takes to do the work and quick burnout that sometimes happens can be all consuming.  Thankfully I had done most of the work years ago (I started in 1981) and this was fairly short lived though very fulfilling and productive.
Here is a photo of the finished 11"x15" acrylic painting inspired by Wes and Maura Studi of Santa Fe, New Mexico.  My husband and I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Studi at the grand opening of Buffalo Thunder Resort just north of Santa Fe a few years ago. Although portraiture is not my specialty I enjoyed trying to convey the great love evident through the painting and symbolism in items in the background. The background includes an eagle in flight symbolic of Mr. Studi's release of an eagle over the gorge near Taos, New Mexico last year at the celebration of preservation of the area and becoming a national treasure. After mounting, matting and framing it I hope to be able to present it to them with much respect for their commitment to the arts, cultural history, family and New Mexico.

Lastly, this morning as I looked at the blank canvas of a 16"x20" gessoed masonite board I painted this original acrylic painting I'm calling "Godly Brilliance".

I look forward to an amazing spring and summer this year, due to rain and God's abundant blessings.  Stay tuned, I expect to be very busy this year and posting new artworks and pleasures.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Springtime has Arrived

As we approach the beginning of Spring tomorrow and daylight savings time on Sunday I am so grateful that whatever virus or "bug" I seem to have had last week seems to have gone away.  I found myself yesterday in my art studio reworking the foreground on this 7 1/2"x7 1/2" tile acrylic painting I did quite awhile ago. When I bought the tile I decided I'd paint over it, did that and when finished realized the hangers positioned it hanging upside down so my husband came to my rescue and custom made the display for it.

I am also in the process of painting four birdhouses and finished the base coats and did a little more detail work before spraying them to move into the final phase on each one of all the real detail painting to finish them up.

Here is an original oil painting on 16"x20" canvas I finished and sprayed with the final spray.  I THINK this is finished and don't have a name for it as of yet so only time will tell if I pick it up again or not (smile).

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Wonderful Weekend Last Weekend with Friends & Bosque del Apache Visit

What a wonderful time I had last Friday and Saturday with friends in and around the Socorro, New Mexico area.  We ate lunch at the Owl Cafe and Bar in San Antonio and then found some of these beautiful birds and creatures at the Bosque del Apache.  Now considering it is not peak season for birds there we were pleasantly surprised to see as many as we did.
Returning home Saturday I even had time to watch the NASCAR Nationwide race and was elated Sunday after a long rain delay to watch and become very emotional when my favorite driver, Dale Earnhardt Jr. won the Daytona 500.  I was MORE than happy and excited when his Aunt Cathy and sister, Kelley, both responded to tweets I posted on Twitter.

I have enjoyed a busy week and ate at El Charritos on Central Avenue in Albuquerque with a dear friend Thursday afternoon.  I just loved the food, the red chili was thick, spicy and wonderful on the tamale that I ate along with a cheese enchilada with beef taco and rice and beans.  Then Friday my husband and I enjoyed buffet lunch at Sandia Resort and Casino where we saw many friends who work there we have gotten to know over the years.  My allergies have been reacting the past week or so and last night I felt worse and worse so stayed home and enjoyed some relaxing and downtime with my husband.  

This morning as I did my daily journaling I became very grateful that I am hardly ever not feeling well or sore, headachy, stuffy or just plain sick.  I'm grateful for the life I have, friends and family who love and support me just the way I am and for all of the artist's and connections I have gained through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Life Gets Busy as Springtime Approaches

Along with a new year has come opportunities for growth and expanding, challenging me to manage my time better and balance everything, which takes some effort and transition time.

I'm doing pretty well although realized about three weeks ago that gaining a network of wonderfully accomplished and talented artist friends can be both a blessing and a curse, depending on what my own attitude is.

In the middle of learning new responsibilities and feeling filled to the brim with knowledge in transitioning into this new position with a non-profit, I was feeling guilty and unable to find time or energy to paint. In spare moments I could find I scoured my artist friend's artwork and posts and then began the negative self talk that starts when I begin comparing myself to anyone else.  Doing my morning writing I discovered what was happening and then began writing affirmations that it is okay for me to be who I am, where I am in the process of being an artist and uniquely myself.  Here is the painting that came out of that time, it is a 16"x12" acrylic and oil painting on canvas I call "Bright Contrasts" that my husband and I have decided we will mount on a board and then frame.  I do not choose to waste my time making comparisons of myself to artist's who have been painting and learning much longer than me, I also choose to be who I know my creator intended me to be and share with others the gifts I've been blessed with.  I know that, for me, that IS enough.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

The beginning of 2014 has a feeling of brand new opportunities, inspiration, connections with other artists and expanding as a creative.

Just for the mere fun of it I painted this little somewhat Day of the Dead skull to get my creative juices flowing.

Next I painted this original oil painting I'm calling "My
Acoma" as this is my own version of a photo I took at my very favorite, sacred and special place last year.  This painting is on 10"x8" gallery wrapped canvas.  Once it dries it will be prepped for hanging and then available for purchase.

Finally I thought I'd post an available framed original oil painting I did a couple of months ago.  This one was strictly from my imagination though it holds the peace and serenity of a special place my mind is normally resting at, this one I call "Peaceful and Serene" and is on 10"x8" canvas, framed it measures 16"x14". If interested in purchasing please see note at the top of this page, I can be contacted through this page.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Looking Forward to 2014 After Wonderful Christmas and Inspiration

We had a wonderful Christmas this year and a visit from our daughter to spend the holidays with us.  This was the first Christmas we've spent together in probably 20 years and the first in our home in New Mexico. It was a great time. We visited Old Town Albuquerque and though we've taken our daughter before, this time we visited The Rattlesnake Museum and bought some rattlesnake mugs (like the ones Craig Ferguson uses on his Late Late Show). Here is a picture of the three mugs we bought while there. Taking her to the airport for a 6 a.m. flight back to California was a little crazy and though we were a little concerned she might not make her flight (very crowded) she did make it.  It was our first experience watching them de-ice an airplane before take off too.

Here are two paintings I've worked on in the past few days of 2013.  The first is a small 4x6" watercolor with gold and silver pen embellishment I'm calling "Abstracted Forest Hillside", it is on watercolor postcard.  The second is something I started in an
icon workshop though dropped out of the class and finished it on my own with my own interpretation.  So the title of this painting is "My Version, Lady With Roses" which is now multimedia because of the combination of oil paint, gold pen, fabric roses hot glued onto the 9x12" board.

Today is the day for removing all the Christmas decorations and preparing for a brand new year.  I am looking forward to a bright new year of 2014 and so motivated and inspired by all the new connections I've made with other artists on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. I am very grateful for the generous support and encouragement they give me along with wonderful insights, tips and beautiful inspiration through their own artwork.  The photograph I took of this sunset reminds me what a bright, beautiful and inspiring 2014 this can be, if I just keep my mind and attitude looking toward the light and the wonderful inspiration and blessings God has in store for me.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Halfway Through November - Special Times

November started out with a bang for us as we drove from our home here in New Mexico over to California for a family wedding.  What a wonderful time we had, the weather was good for traveling, we enjoyed special time with different family members and loved being at the wedding of my husband's great nephew and his new bride.  Here are some pictures we took at the photo booth at the wedding (of my husband and myself and our daughter with two of our great nieces).

To the left is a picture of a painting I call "Stuck in the Seaweed", it is on 8"x10" on canvas and was donated to a raffle at a local non profit event.  It started out as an oil painting though after painting over a store bought Halloween mask as part of our wedding gift, the day of the dead style somehow transferred to this painting making it multimedia.

The painting to the right is an original oil painting I finished
about three weeks ago, it is on 8"x10" wood panel.  This morning I titled this painting "Empty & Earnestly - Where Did My Friend Go?" As I started this painting almost a month ago I was beginning to let go of my sister-in-law who died last year from brain cancer and all the feeling of loss and confusion about what happened to the close friendship I was always so grateful for that seemed to be absent during her illness.  I put the painting aside after finishing it and last night as I was writing and thinking about the past year and all that has happened realized that this painting represents the beauty I always found in Rosa and how empty I felt visiting her the last few times.  I don't know where my dear friend went in her illness though I do know that today she is in no pain, with the God of my understanding and that I will always love and treasure her and our friendship and special memories.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fall in New Mexico

Viewed from Rio Grande Blvd yesterday of the beautiful fall color with the Sandia Mountains in the background, I was able to capture this picture. There is something special about fall in New Mexico.

We had out of state family visit and enjoyed showing them the beauty of New Mexico, Balloon Fiesta, the bosque area and hiking along the Rio Grande as well as sampling local favorite foods and buying some chili to take back with them.

I dabbled with fun artwork while thinking about serious issues and problems friends deal with.  Here is some artwork I did taking a break from my favorite oil paintings and in trying to convey my love and concern for family and friends.

Yesterday I was pleasantly surprised to receive an unexpected gift from my brother of some gourmet chocolate dipped strawberries. I feel so blessed, loved and appreciated and grateful to have all the family and friends I do.

We are moving into my favorite time of the year and celebrations of life, love, thanksgiving and relationships.  My husband and I will celebrate 30 years of marriage next month and with that marriage brought to me the gift of a daughter and a group of people who have helped me grow into a more loving, kinder person.  I just want to thank my husband and the Gomez family for all their love and support all these years.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Some Painting and Enjoying Beautiful, Cooler Weather

It has been a wonderful transition for us into fall here in New Mexico.  Paintings I've done in the last few weeks started with finishing the birdhouses I started to give as love gifts to friends.  The "sketch" I did next I finished off with gold pen and think the title "New Mexico Color" seemed quite appropriate.  Here is a picture of it.

I then did my 4"x6" postcard submission for the Twitter Art Exhibit coming up in February 2014 in Orlando, FL.  This one I named "Artist's Gold, Santa Fe, New Mexico".  A friend suggested maybe we need to go over to Orlando to be there in person.  What a wonderful idea!!!
I had an oil painting I decided to bring out and rework and like it much better now.  This is a 20"x16" original oil on canvas I title "Nature's Blazing Sun".

The past week has been beautiful fall weather and with Balloon Fiesta beginning last Saturday perfect weather for visitors from so many different states and countries.  We are expecting family this next week and very excited they're coming at such a beautiful time of the year, just before the leaves fall. 

We were pleasantly surprised this morning seeing this
balloon right over our house and to hear, as I was saying to my husband "wow, look there's a balloon right over the house", "hi there, how you doing?" from the people in the balloon. 
What a wonderful time to be alive, enjoying beautiful fall weather and New Mexico!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Three Birdhouses Painted, One to Go!

Up late last night finishing the painting of another birdhouse for a friend so that makes three done with one to go.  Here's a picture of the back of the latest one I finished in the wee hours this morning.  I enjoy this "fun" painting as a break from my oil painting.

I also plan on participating in the twitter art exhibit in 2014 in Orlando, FL and will be preparing something for that once I'm finished with my current birdhouses and order some supplies from Dick Blick.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Where My Inspiration Comes From - the Beauty that is New Mexico!!!

Ahhhh yes, the beauty of New Mexico.  The picture to the left is one I took as my husband drove down Tramway in Albuquerque, New Mexico of the Sandia Mountains the end of August 2013 while enjoying some monsoon showers and crisp air and skies.  There is just so much genuine beauty and natural inspiration here that it seems pictures don't even do it justice.

We also recently went to the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum and New Mexico Museum of Art to view traveling shows of Georgia O'Keeffe's artwork and some of the Taos artists.  I'm so inspired by such artists as Blumenschein, Duton, Sharp, Berninghaus, Couse and fortunate to live nearby such wonderful museums and galleries to view many of them up close and personal.  I fell in love with Blumenschein's work with a visit to the Albuquerque Museum, of which my husband and I are now members of.

Monday, August 26, 2013

One Ongoing Project Finished - Moving On

So here are some pictures of the ongoing painting on a flowerpot I've been doing for awhile, finally finished.  I think it turned out nicely.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Alive & Well - R&R in our RV & Continuing Projects

Honestly, I have not vanished from the face of the earth though after a very busy time and finishing up some ongoing projects I took a brief absence of posting. Will try and catch you up with a few pictures.

First is a picture of a friend with his finished oil painting of the cranes from photos he'd taken at Bosque de Apache.  I'm so glad he liked it and continues to gift me with beautiful photos he's taken that are so inspiring to me.

Another friend gifted me with two beautiful handmade birdhouses and after thinking long and hard about it decided that rather than gift them to anyone else I have begun painting both to give back to her.

My husband and I took a few days to relax in the Jemez Mountains in our RV.  It was beautiful and we were pleased with afternoon monsoons and healing rains.  I did some painting while there.
"Tranquil Waters"
Coming home from RVing we thought our resident
hummingbirds had departed though after filling the two feeders in our backyard they returned as evidenced by this photo I took the other day.  The flower seed I scattered months ago is sprouting everywhere and I hope to have some beautiful pictures of that to post soon.  Life is good and New Mexico is always inspiring and beautiful for me.