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Monday, June 15, 2015

New Mexico Sunset Beauty

One of the many reasons I love living in the state of New Mexico is it's beautiful natural beauty displayed with amazing sunrises, sunsets, and cloudscapes.  I had to share this sunset we had last night because it is just so awesome and helps others appreciate the natural beauty that can be found in the middle of the United States.  I hope you enjoy this little glimpse.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Beginning of Summer in New Mexico with Beautiful Weather & Artist Inspiration

We had a wonderful, refreshing, long spring this year in New Mexico and the beginning of summer has been blessed with rains, pleasant, cooler weather and the greening up of everything.  All of these things are inspirational to me as an artist. Though I've been busy and scheduling carefully to keep good balance between all the facets of my life, I am finding networking with other artists and being represented by a local gallery are exactly what I need for motivation, inspiration and encouragement.

"Let's Paint New Mexico" sent me a second photo with Challenge 11 and left it up to the artists participating whether they would submit two paintings for this challenge or only one.  I opted to paint two and so to the left is the photo they sent and to the right my original oil painting submission "Overlook", it is on 10"x8" canvas and is available for purchase.

Here are some pictures of the nest built by what we
think is a Says Phoebe and the three babies she subsequently had as she flies back and forth providing food for them until they are ready to leave the nest. They are already getting so big they are sitting on top of each other so it probably won't be all that long until they are going on their experimental flights all over the front and backyard.  They do keep us entertained.

I happen to believe that I live in the most beautiful
state in the United States. New Mexico is full of places I have yet to explore though recently after a trip to Clovis, New Mexico on our way home we stopped at the Blue Hole in Santa Rosa. If you've never heard about it, google it, it is quite an interesting and beautiful place where divers practice deep sea diving and locals go to cool off in the heat of the summer.  Here are a couple of pictures.  While in Santa Rosa we also visited "Bless Me Ultima" Landscape honoring Rudolfo Anaya, known as one of the founders contemporary Chicano literature.

Here are two recent paintings.  The first was inspired
by the beauty of a sunset we had night before last as I was driving home from Corrales, after
a brief thunder shower.  This is an original oil painting "Stormy Sunset" on 10"x8" canvas. The second is a floral I have reworked a couple of times that is yet to be titled.  It is an original oil painting on 8"x8" canvas.  Both of these paintings are available for purchase. Please contact me directly if you are interested.

My artwork is on display at Essence Gallery and
Boutique in Old Town Albuquerque if you would like to view some pieces up close and personal.  It is a beautiful gallery with varied artists working in different mediums, some jewelry and clothing and just a very fun place to visit. Make sure you say hello to the owner, Jillian, and go upstairs before you leave. We visited last week and enjoyed watching people dancing, a band playing and lots of activity on the plaza.  Here's a picture or two and before leaving Old Town stop in at The Blue Portal on Church Street just up from the plaza where my husband has some of his metal creations (a lamp made of recycled plumbing parts and beautiful metal cross) displayed and available for sale.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Challenge 11 for Let's Paint New Mexico and New Original Floral Oil Painting

Just after updating I received two photos from Let's Paint New Mexico for their Challenge 11.  That same night I decided to try the first photo and see what I could come up with.  To the left is the first photo sent me and to the right my oil painting rendition I call "Wild in Carrizozo" on 10"x8" canvas. I am still in the process of painting from the second photo I was sent from the Let's Paint New Mexico website.

A couple nights after doing the first painting for Challenge 11, I picked up an 8"x10" canvas that I had experimented with different backgrounds on and painted my original oil floral "Honoring the Hydrangea" shown to the right.

I have been so inspired by the beauty that is popping up all over New Mexico of late due to the wettest May anyone can remember. We are looking forward to an extended spring with showers and cooler temperatures than normal through June. It's wonderful to see so much green and the colors of bountiful flowers and blooms.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Exciting News and Overdue for an Update

Since I last updated this art blog I've been pretty busy and have some exciting news too.  Although it's taken me almost a month to update I'll try and keep it brief.

Just after updating last month we had visitors from the state of Washington who stayed with us during the Gathering of Nations Pow Wow that is held every year in Albuquerque. We hosted 4 to 6, one 17 years of age, a jingle dancer representing the Wanapum of Priest Rapids who has been featured in National Geographic magazine. Her mother is a dear friend of 24 years.  Here is a picture of the beautiful pendleton blanket they gifted me with before leaving our home on their journey home.

I was asked to do a commissioned painting and here is a picture of the original oil painting "With Gratitude and Affection" I painted on 10"x8" canvas.  I needed to overnight ship it and upon receipt the new owner emailed me "I absolutely love it, well worth every penny and more!"  Beautiful words to an artist's ear.

I received this photograph from "Let's Paint New
Mexico" for their Challenge 10 and then will post my oil painting submission "Mother's Day Sanctuario 2015" on 10"x8" canvas framed and available for purchase and hanging.  It has now been framed in a beautiful silver frame and is available for purchase directly from me.

I bought my own domain and am in the process of posting my artwork available for purchase online using an online shopping cart.  Please check out my new website at neelygomez.com keeping in mind that it is a work in progress, though I believe I'm off to a good start.  I have also been busy having available artwork beautifully framed.  Here is just one example. It is my original acrylic and oil painting "Bright Contrasts" on 16"x12" canvas.

We have been having visitors to our backyard in the form of feathered friends.  I want to end my updating with a few pictures of the beautiful Western Tanager we have been blessed with having over the course of the past couple of weeks. This morning we actually saw two an have also had Orioles, our resident hawk and now have a Phoebe or Flycatcher camped out in her nest above our front porch sconce waiting for the arrival of her babies.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Grateful to be Busy, Behind on Updating -- Here We Go!

Since updating last it seems I got so busy I fell behind in my posting, so please indulge me as I try to include all that's been going on and the inspiration and motivation behind my creativity.

First I was sent the photo to the left for Challenge 8 of Let's Paint
New Mexico and the photo to the right is my rendition of this challenge.  It is a 10"x8" oil painting I titled "Truckin' Around Arroyo Seco".  I'm enjoying the challenges through the photos sent as I get to decide what to include, leave out, and additions all my own.
Next as I found myself looking at photos I took in 2013 of our beautiful backyard flowers and visiting birds I was inspired to paint my original oil painting on 8"x10" canvas "Sipping the Nectar" of a gorgeous oriole at my hummingbird feeder.

One of the reasons I began looking at the older photos was that it was a rather cold and windy day here in New Mexico and I needed a bit of motivation to plant my flower seeds.  Those photos gave me just the right motivation and I'm happy to say that the next day after painting I threw my wildflower seeds, added compost to the top, watered it all and am now waiting for my first flowers to pop up their heads from the soil.

One of the paintings I did for Challenge 7, I believe it was, for Let's Paint New Mexico I did several renditions of and had it framed.  I really like the way that the finished oil painting I named "Ying & Yang in Lavender" looks in this frame.  I could trim the edges of the photo for this blog, though I like the perspective and feel I get from seeing the framed painting at it's actual size.

Next I finished the sky of an original oil painting on 10"x8" canvas where I used a palette knife to paint in the rocky cliffs "Cliffs of Palette" shown here to the left.  I like trying my hand at different effects and mediums as, in life, I love the challenge and variety.

Next was Challenge 9 by Let's Paint New Mexico.  I like the variations in color and depth and painted my
first version which I named "Amongst the Trees".  It is an oil painting on 10"x8" canvas.  I liked my original version, especially the little adobe building in the background though as I kept looking at it I wasn't thrilled with the grass color and/or trees in the foreground.  This led to my reworking the painting for my final submission to Let's Paint New Mexico. Below are the photos of all three (the photo I was sent, my first version and my final submission for Challenge 9).

Currently I have just finished working with a printer locally to have cards of the eight paintings on display at Essence Gallery and Boutique in Old Town Albuquerque so that if anyone would like to have a piece of my artwork at a very reasonable price they can purchase it on a card until they can afford to buy one of my original paintings.  Also I am currently working on a commissioned 10"x8" original oil painting though won't be able to post any photos of it until it is finished and presented, probably late or end of May.

Friday, March 27, 2015

My First Gallery Representation at Essence Gallery & Boutique in Old Town Albuquerque

My exciting news is that the owner of Essence Gallery & Boutique in Old Town Albuquerque is now representing my artwork in her gallery in Old Town and yesterday we took the ten paintings to the right in to be displayed and available for purchase.  So, if you are in the area please stop in.  It is a beautiful two story gallery with a variety of colorful, fun and wonderful artwork and creations.  Make sure you visit the second floor as this is where my art is being displayed.  I'm grateful to Jillian Maresco for connecting with me and asking me if I would let her represent my artwork in Old Town and to my husband, family, friends and art friends on this art blog, Facebook and Twitter for giving me opportunities I never expected and am more than excited about.

More exciting news will be upcoming in the next few weeks so please come back and visit again and thank you for your interest in my artwork.

Update on Challenge 7 Let's Paint New Mexico - "Ying & Yang in Lavender" and #twitterartexhibit, Moss, Norway

Pictured above is the photograph sent to all participants of "Let's
Paint New Mexico" a couple of weeks ago for Challenge 7.  To the left is my initial acrylic under painting and to the right is my submission "Ying & Yang in Lavender" oil painting, both are on the same 10"x8" canvas.

The #twitterartexhibit was held in Moss, Norway beginning March 12, 2015 and was to run through March 26th, however, it has been such a success that it has been extended through tomorrow, Saturday, March 28th.  I was notified by the founder, David Sandum, that my postcard sized submission (Taos Inspiration, shown in a previous blog post) was no longer on the rotational display which means that it sold. Next year the #twitterartexhibit will be held in New York City and I am excited about the prospect of being a participant again and maybe even being able to attend for my first time.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Challenge 6 of "Let's Paint New Mexico 2015" & #TwitterArtExhibit Opens in Moss, Norway

To the left is the photo sent to all participants of "Let's Paint New Mexico 2015" for Challenge 6.  Each photo provided for the challenge is usually sent out to all of us on Sunday night and a new photo provided the following Sunday night.  I have been enjoying having my submission in within the week after receiving them until this one arrived two weeks ago tomorrow.  I'm happy to say I was only a few days over the weekly deadline I've silently placed on myself.  As you can see in the photo the sky was pretty much colorless.

To the right is my 10"x8" oil painting on canvas "Pedernal from the Rio" submission for Challenge 6. I decided that because of the subdued light I would make the sky in my painting a bit cloudy. I'm happy with the way it turned out. 

The #TwitterArtExhibit opened in Moss, Norway yesterday.  Artists from around the globe submitted one postcard sized work of art in different mediums and different subjects. Each of these postcards are being sold at the Moss Public Library for $35 each with 100% of the profit benefiting Homestart of Moss.  So many postcards were submitted that they are being displayed and sold on a rotating basis for the duration of the exhibit.  This year there will be no online sales, however, it is already a huge success.  Opening night more postcards were sold and profit made than the entire event held in 2010.  What a wonderful tribute and success for all those involved, especially the founder of the event, David Sandum.  It has been so enriching and wonderful for me to be involved with this event the past three years.  My postcard submission has not been rotated into the exhibit as of yet.  My hope is that someone has as much enthusiasm for these small pieces of art at such an affordable price that will bring even more success and benefit to Homestart of Moss.  Next year #TwitterArtExhibit will be held in New York City.  Stay tuned for more information and updates on both this year's event and the upcoming 2016 event.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Challenges 4 and 5 of "Let's Paint New Mexico" and my Process

To the left is the photo  "Let's Paint New Mexico" 2015 sent as Challenge 4.  I decided to go back to my process learned through an art workshop with sketching out the subject matter and then using tonal shadings to start.  My first sketch is to the right.

To the left is more sketching
and watercolor added. I then decided that rather than doing my usual oil painting I would try out my new Arches Watercolour Paper I'd just received and do a watercolor translation for this challenge. To the right is the final watercolor rendering I did as my submission for Challenge 4.  I named this 9"x12" watercolor "Terra-cotta Taos".

For Challenge 5 I was sent the photo to the left and to the right is my 8"x10" oil painting submission "Nature of New Mexico".

I had just finished painting my submission for Challenge 5 of "Let's Paint New Mexico" when my cousin in Oklahoma passed away.  She had Alzheimer's, had been placed on hospice just weeks before and was blessed to have had a visit by many family members just weeks before.  Her husband passed away last year just after both of her brothers had passed within weeks of each other.  In the process of trying to comfort her granddaughter I found a photograph that was taken when my cousin and her brothers were just children.  That photo was such a comfort to me and others in our family.  In it an aunt had her arms wrapped around my cousin, in back of her were my parents, her mother, and an uncle who had his hands on one of her brothers shoulders.  All in the photo were laughing and smiling.  All with the exception of my mom have now passed and the comfort comes from knowing that they are all together again.  Each day of life is a gift, I'm so grateful God has blessed me with many gifts and the ability to share them with others.

The picture to the left is the inspirational little teapot I used to paint "Fascinated by the Teapot" an original 10"x8" acrylic.  The teapot was a gift from my mother-in-law and I continue to do paintings of it here and there, always fascinated by it.

In December I started painting a birdhouse for a dear friend.  Here is a picture of the first of a variety of different scenes and painting I'm doing on the sides of it for her.
I have some exciting news coming up though saving my announcements for a post closer to the end of the month.  Please come back and visit.